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"Always wanted a tube amplifier, bought Melody Action after research. Works like a dream. Sound is clear and warm."


"What immediately grabbed my attention of AN300B-MAX was grace and fluidity. The sound was never unnatural, even when the music was jarring. Like a handful of similar designs, all sporting 12-25 watts, nothing about the AN300B was mechanical or artificial.The frequency response is excellent."

Ryanne Karson

"The MDA2 sounds captivatingly pure and is highly revealing yet supremely gentle which results in a fascinating performance that lays bare all that’s inside the recordings. It’s very neutral and analytical, but never clinical and its timbre is spot-on natural. "

Cole Korey

"The build quality for SP3EVO is very good, the workmanship is fine, the sound quality is very good, and it is consistent with the seller's description, and I am very satisfied."